Causes and Prevention

Cancer is results of abnormal cell divisions these cells have the ability to spread in other parts of bodies. Genetic Mutation and Heredity there are some cancer which may be transfer from one member to another in family like breast cancer ovarian, colorectal, and prostate cancer. Viral and Bacterial Infection there are some virus and bacteria which is known to cause the cancer. Some bacteria are carcinogenic like bacterium H. pylori and its cause  in gastric cancer. Physical and Chemical Agents are changes the genetic material like DNA  of an organisms that can changes the translation and transcription and DNA replication which can leads cell death. Hormones and Radiations Androgens are the hormone required for normal growth and function of the prostate .and its also helps in the growth of prostate cancer. Cancer Vaccines uses to treat the cancer the cancer may be existing cancer or prevents the development cancer. Nutrition and cancer good nutrition is important to the cancer patients its gives strength to the people. Changes in Lifestyle are also responsible to increases in the cancer percentages like smoking drinking no physical activity.


  • Antibodies
  • Cancer Vaccines
  • Cancer and Nutrition
  • Viral and Bacterial Infection
  • Genetic Mutation and Heredity
  • Physical and Chemical Agents
  • Hormones and Radiations
  • Changes in Lifestyle

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